Rogation Sunday
(Farmers – come take a Sabbath )
We are a congregation of growers and planters. Whether we have sections or a small 4’ x 8’plot, we rely on God to bring those seeds and our efforts into full fruits that support our families and put food on our tables. This year we are giving thanks to God and asking God’s blessing on our seeds and farming implements as well as shovels, hoes, and whatever else April 28!

Farmers – Bring your planters to church, park them out front, as well as placing a sample of seeds with your name on them on the alter. We will sprinkle the planters with water and God’s word after both services. Take a Sabbath this Sunday and park them on the west side across from the Cemetery.

Gardeners  – Bring your shovels, hoes, and whatever seedlings and seeds that are waiting to go into the ground. We will sprinkle them with water and God’s word during both services as we acknowledge God is the provider of all good things!

We get to start the season off right giving thanks where thanks is due – and asking God to watch over our fields, crops, gardens, and livelihoods until the day God comes again!