We are a Family of God

Our ministry is varied and vital, relying on the Holy Spirit to guide us in our spirituality, mission, learning and outreach.  Our Sunday School program is a wonderful teaching tool for our younger children.  Adult study intersects the message of scripture and our 21st century lives, with the “bones” of Lutheranism as our framework.  We have many local and global mission projects. Our worship services reflect what we call “welcoming reverence,” when the community gathers to celebrate the risen Christ with joy, song, laughter, heartfelt prayer, and sharing of the meal.  This community of faith loves each other’s company, so potlucks, parties and picnics are scattered liberally throughout the church year.  We often invite the surrounding communities to join in, as part of our commitment to our local mission field…and, it’s just that much more fun!

We come together for worship, fellowship and mission work from ten surrounding communities. We are a diverse group, not only in age, but in vocation. Our members are self-employed, locally employed or commute to Lincoln, Omaha, or Nebraska City. We have the advantage of a rural location yet being on a major highway provides us quick access to each of our communities. Our families enjoy a simpler lifestyle, focusing on the importance of family, friends and community while valuing a smaller public school system. Our location and opportunities create a unique assembly of believers within our own Church. We grow in faith at First Lutheran and our ministry reaches out through our vocations and stewardship in our day to day lives.