This past Monday was Labor Day – and most of us were able to celebrate with friends and family, having a BBQ, or by picking up tree limbs strew throughout our yards. And it is days like Labor Day that we can be reminded of the value of work.

And while some of us love to moan and complain about work, work at the end of the day is a gift from God.

Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone who has had to day labor and who is unable to find a job day after day after day. Standing outside a place like Home Depot waiting for someone to pull up and hire you – and for no one to pick you for a week is not as glamorous as it sounds. Or if you have ever had to cold call people around town to see if they need someone to odd jobs, only to get told no by most everyone. Or if you have had to scour the newspaper time and time again and with each application comes another “No.” That bites.

It is by working that we are fed, and that those around us are taken care of. It is by work that people have enough to survive and to enjoy life. Work brings all these things. Work plants the grain around here. Work fixes our cars and bikes. Work sells our groceries and it cashes our checks. It is by work that we are able to have all these things from God.

And there may be some days that you hate your job, and that’s normal enough. Work takes energy and sometimes I’d rather just sit on my couch and chain-watch Netflix. Work is also a way that God provides for ourselves, our family and the world. And whatever we get to do, it is a calling from God.

And so, if you are a teacher, you teach for God. Or if you weld, you weld to bring about God’s kingdom. Or if you plant, you plant so that the world may one day be fed according to God’s dream. We each are given a gift in our jobs – and each gets to be worked out for the betterment of the world and for our creator.

And so I am glad for days like Labor Day, when we can be reminded that work is an important part of what we get to do. So enjoy your week – and don’t work too hard 😉