There’s a board on my office door that’s a place for people to draw where they see God —– and I am always amazed what people draw. One person drew corn and the sun, and God knows God is the one we depend on out here for life and a living, for sunshine and rain! Someone else drew a picture of me; which is cool because I see God in y’all and in our church together! Another person drew a horse; another, a rose. And aren’t those things a testament to the majesty and beauty of our Creator who creates life daily! And another person just drew a dot with an arrow to it, saying “right here.” And isn’t God in the smallest of places that we often can overlook; yet God is there!

And so where do you see God?

In faces and people?

In sunsets and rises?

In the coincidental that seems too coincidental?

In the hope of a better life, for God’s Kingdom come?

All of the above?

And that’s what we get to be about as a church. Seeing and telling of the ways we have seen God at work in our lives – and how our lives are better for what God has done – particularly in Jesus! So keep looking, and sharing, and come by and draw on my door too!