With our church we just finished the study Seamless by Angie Smith and this week we kicked off Matchless and in both Angie drew a line from Genesis all the way to Jesus, because the Bible isn’t just a collection of stories and we don’t serve a God of chaos, we do live in a fallen world which was created by our choice, but isn’t that the beauty, we have the choice! ❤️
Anyway there were a few things that Angie covered in both of these studies that literally JUMPED off the page at me, things that I had never taken the time to string together. The first one is that Judah (the father of the tribe of Judah in Israel, the tribe that Jesus comes from) was the son of Jacob and his wife Leah, and if you don’t know about poor Leah she was the ‘ugly’ older sister of Rachel who was Jacob’s favorite, the one he WANTED to marry but he was tricked into marrying Leah and she struggled feeling unwanted by her husband and hoped that by birthing sons she would win his love and 3 boys in, realized that God loved her and that was what truly mattered, then came baby Judah which literally means praise or thanksgiving. Jacob may not have loved Leah the way she desired but God saw her and loved her and used her to bring us our Savior ❤️ the other thing that seriously smacked me in the face has to do with one of our biblical favs, David. I mean no surprise Jesus came from the house and line of David through his son Solomon but did you know Solomon’s mom was Bathsheba?! I mean seriously like David’s massive sin, his biggest mistake turned into the linage of our Savior because he recognized how that sin hurt his God’s heart and genuinely and vulnerably repented and God used that for good.
Ugh, seriously did that get you the way it got me? In this fallen world God hasn’t abandoned us but will we choose him? In our brokenness in our mistakes in our sin? I love the verse that he works all things together for those who love him and I think these accounts of proof of that, proof that when you choose to love God he will use you and your mess and mistakes in big ways, maybe not in our timing but boy howdy does he use them! ❤️
Anyway I don’t normally share like this on Facebook but these stories have been stirring my heart for weeks if not months ❤️
(From Amanda Stubbendick)