Speaking of the church as a building is like referring to people as 2”x4” because while a church can be made of wood, steel, and concrete, the church is made of people. It is a living breathing thing made of flesh and blood and faith. Together, people like you and I, and you and I, are the church. And this thing that God has put together in the rag-tag group way back in the book of Acts has continued to live and work out the love of God across the centuries. It started in an olive field two thousand years ago and it continues here in corn fields two thousand years later. In that time, the church has worshipped in many buildings and even underground. We have been through fire and flood and persecution by lions – and the church has survived.

And so when we think about to what and to where God is calling his church – it is a matter of people. To what and where is God calling his people, which to me is a lot more fun than what is God doing with a building. With a building, you can do things in a particular place. You can have Sunday School and worship and Bible study. These are the things that we think of when we think of church. However, with people, entire lives are lived as part of the church. You can pick up your children or play soccer or go grab groceries and wherever and whenever you do those things you are a part of the church – and all these are part of who you are as church. So how will we live as the church this week? – and food for thought – does being a part of the church 24,7 change how we should act?