Churches, like people, find ways to give up on the mission of Christ in favor of doing church busy work. It’s easy enough to be concerned with coffee, who’s greeting, and how comfortable we are sitting in the pews — but when this becomes all church is, we have missed the mark as church.

Now – don’t get me wrong. I love good coffee and having a nice seat. The struggle becomes when we value these things over our call to be disciples. When we sit waiting for church to come to us in our particular style and flavor, when we cease to be inviting, discipling, and seeking, and when we forgo serving others for the sake of our Lord, then we have failed at being church.

Christ calls us to be missional – to reach out to others where they are at – and to share with them that God loves them enough to take a bullet for them (or in Christ’s case, a cross.) To share with them that God cares about the stuff they care about it, and so does his church. That Jesus broke people free from addiction, loan sharks, nefarious jobs, greed, social exile, disease, and racial injustice plus most of the other sins we think of as sins, like lying, stealing, adultery, and others that rip our lives to shreds.

And when we involve ourselves in living out our forgiveness and forgiving others in Christ name, and when we build up the kingdom by breaking down the chains of injustice, we become something the church is always meant to be: life-giving and relevant. Without these things, we risk becoming something wholly different: a country club.