Waiting is one of my least favorite things to do –

Christmas presents that are delivered early are sometimes unwrapped early

Dinner that is cooked at ready to go at 5:45, is eaten at 5:45

Even Americanized Mexican restaurants are some of my favorites because at most of them, you are given chips as soon as you sit down, sometimes even before you give your drink order. Well done, indeed.

But there is something to be said about waiting in that it is a gift.

The smell of barbecuing food, which makes me feel like one of Pavlov’s dogs, leads that cow to taste all the better when it does get to the plate. Don’t get me wrong, those 7 minutes that it has to cool down and rest are some of the hardest. In the end though, it’s worth it.

Or for those of you that have had a kid, I imagine 9 months gives you at least a little bit of time to come to grips with how you are bringing another life into the world and to get everything in order. Can you imagine if there was no waiting? Like if you had only 10 minutes.

Or the way that food is grown. It is in the waiting that we can appreciate the way a carrot starts as the smallest of seeds, or how a home-grown tomato vine smells better than anything you’d buy in the store – and then we wait for something even better to come.

This season of Advent – the time beginning four Sundays before Christmas is a time of waiting for Christ to come into our lives. We get to remember what it was like for folks before Jesus was born and how they prayed for a messiah. And we get to join in the prayers of so many who are needing a messiah today and pray that God will come again and soon.

These weeks are a time of patience and waiting and waiting for God to enter our lives. These days and hours give us the time to get excited and make ready for what God is doing as he comes again – and that whatever is here now, will be even better when God comes again.

And so let us make our homes cozy for guests, to prepare rooms and food as our messiah comes, and to prep our hearts to receive him.