Tuesday Meditations

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North Branch COVID Response

by Pastor David Buco

Dear Church, We are living in trying times. The way we respond, or fail to respond, as the Body of Christ will be a testimony of who we are as the Church and of the love of Jesus. Currently, we are at the beginning of a pandemic. More so, as I write this letter, I […]

Growing in Faith!

by Church Admin

Okay — so I know every church is supposed to think that their youth are the best, but these are all texted pictures I received this Sunday… some from our littles learning about Esther and being a hero, and some from the Soup Supper as our older youth hosted our meal after annual meeting… and […]


by Church Admin

I’ve been thinking a lot over the last few days on forgiveness, especially in the wake of news events as well as family gatherings. Forgiveness may be one of the hardest things that God calls us to do. Perhaps it’s because forgiveness doesn’t come naturally to us as human beings. The hurts and knocks we […]

Feed Our Farmers

by Church Admin

Thanks to all those who got to come and eat! -And thanks to all those who came and cooked, decorated, and shared a little bit of food and Christ’s love with our neighbors!! Glad to be a part of this church! Some photos from our rocking “feed our farmers” event!  

Momma Hen (aka God) who gathers us together!

by Church Admin

This past Sunday we got to hear about God is like a mother hen who yearns to gather us together under her wings. We got to hear how God seeks us out and fights for us when we are safely under he wings and even when we run away! More so we got to have […]

Puzzle Pieces

by Church Admin

Last week, I got to go visit with Alvina again. And if you have never met Alvina, she is one of our many shut-ins and a joy to be with! – and we got to talking about puzzles. We talked about the sermon from the previous Sunday (which was about puzzles), about how awful it […]

Cause faith gets to impact how we get to live :)

by Church Admin

This past Sunday, I started my sermon by talking about the wonderful thing about Christianity is that folks know Jesus by the people who follow him -AND- at the same time, the terrible thing about Christianity is that folks know Jesus by the people who follow him. AND depending on who you know, it impacts […]

Refining and reworking us!

by Church Admin

I used to melt aluminum cans in a homemade forge, basically it was a steel bucket hooked up to a hair drier that when lit with a fire could reach a couple thousand degrees. (It’s amazing what you can learn via youtube, am I right?) And I would melt aluminum cans one at a time, to […]

Sharing a little love!

by Church Admin

We enjoyed today with our youth! Spreading the Christmas spirit and buying gifts for children in need! We talked a lot and enjoyed each other’s company. Let’s all be extra thankful for the little things this Holiday Season and let us all make more time to spend with friends and family! Even if it’s during […]

Advent is here!

by Church Admin

Congratulations! We have just entered the crazy church season of Advent — It’s a time of preparing, and praying, and hope for what is to come. Some of us light candles in an evergreen wreath, some of us sing songs, and some of chop down a real live tree and drag it indoors — all […]