We need the rain. It is God’s way of caring for life. And while it sometimes comes with heavy winds and harsh downpours, like this evening, it’s the rain that causes all things to grow, even you and me.

And to me, the funniest thing that happens when it rains is God causes the rain to fall on everyone. “God makes the rain fall on the righteous and the unrighteous,” it says in Matthew. God shares God’s gifts with everyone. God seems to bless everyone with something as simple as the rain – and gives life to all. And we all need water and this blessing to live.

This Sunday, we’ll get to hear from Acts where the good Christians are certain that they are the only ones worthy of baptism and God’s blessing. They feel that the not-so-good Christians are unworthy of this blessing and that they should not be baptized.

…And then the Holy Spirit comes…

And she falls upon ALL of them, those who counted themselves worthy and those they deemed unworthy, and they ALL begin praising God – because ALL of them have been blessed.

May this rainstorm fall on everyone, those worthy and those deemed “unworthy.” May God bless all of us through it because God is rich in mercy, and we need rain and God’s blessing to live.

Praise be to God for the gift of water and life!
-Pastor David