With the county fairs right around the corner, I imagine that our youth are spending more and more time with their animals. Whether it’s raising cows, or grooming their horses, or taming their goats and sheep, they are getting them ready so that they can all be presented well at the fair. And maybe I am wrong but there always seems to be a special bond between our kids and their animals.

The night that I first interview to come here and serve as Pastor, one of the call committee members, had to head out early to go help a cow his daughter had shown at fair deliver her first calf. And to me it seemed like a big deal – not only because it was this cow’s first birth but because this cow had belonged to his daughter, and because this heifer was important to his daughter, it was important to him.

Or the next time that I came out, the day that I got to preach for the congregation, after everything had wrapped up, one of our youth took me out to see his goats – and while he hadn’t worked with them as much as he had hoped at that time, these were his goats – and something that he cared for much. And when one of them got sick at fair, it was something that was a bummer for him and also for his parents who supported him.

It’s amazing how much people can care for their animals in their lives. I can remember a certain family last year at the fair sleeping in a animal trailer just to make sure that nobody did anything to their horses. As uncomfortable of a night of sleep it was, a certain dad slept there because his daughter loved her horses and because she cared for them, so did he. Enough even to get a poor night of non-sleep. Parents do a lot for their kids.

I think that is what it is like for Jesus. Christ cares for us so very much and would go to any length for us. And because we are cared for so much by Jesus, God the Father’s love is revealed because God the Father backs up God the Son.  It is this love of a parent that gives of his or her time for their child, or to mourn or celebrate with them, or to even sleep in a lumpy trailer for them. So as you go forth this week, know that you are loved by Christ, and the love of the Father is not far behind!