This week, we welcomed new members into our congregation. Pray for them as they pray for you.

There is a great gift in being a part of the church – and that is you are never alone. God is always there, and so are God’s people. In the moments of loss, pain, doubt in faith, fear, or death, we get to be surrounded by the tangible representatives of an ever present God, his church in us. We get to show up for one another, and to pray for one another, and cook and knit for another. We get to support one another in things as small as being nervous about going to the dentist or as big as losing family. The church is one of God’s gifts to us. And it is a gift because there are times in our lives that the words to pray do not come by ourselves do not come. We can be angry with God, or we can be grieving too much to mutter out more than just “Why, O God.’ There are times that we can not sing because the joy of resurrection has been buried underneath sorrow, brokenness, and distance. And that’s when having someone there makes all the world. So this week, if something is on your heart, ask someone to pray with you. Share your burdens with those God has given to help carry you, so that you can share them together with God. It is a wonderful thing to be the caring hands of a loving God, and to mend, support, and build up his body as the church. How can you care for those in our church, and how can we care for you?