Thank You North Branch for all the sympathy cards, the greetings, emails, and love shown over the last few weeks. I loved my MamMaw very much – as you could probably tell… and to have a church that is supportive through loss is a gift. Thank you for that!

More so, thank you for the week of bereavement leave that allowed me to go be with her as she died. One of the hardest things about being pastor here is the distance from my homeland and family. And so because of that leave I was able to be with her as she faded and died. I got to pray with her, and let her know it was okay to go home, that Jesus had her, and it was okay. Alma and I sat in her room and sang hymns for her and she died that night.

And so, I will see her again in the resurrection, and I look forward to y’all meeting her! I think you’ll like her. And until then, we are Christ’s church: the saints both living and dead, until He comes again…

And that’s the promise my heart rests on today, and maybe for you too.

-David Buco