One of my favorite books in the whole world is St. George and Dragon and the Search for the Holy Grail. It’s by a Catholic priest named Ed Hayes if you want to check it out. In it, a middle-aged man is lost in the sea of life. His name is fittingly George.

Overwhelmed in monotony and stuck in the spiritual doldrums, he goes on a quest where he meets a dragon. Fictitious, I know; but perhaps truthful as well. The dragon tells him a great deal, including agreeing to be a spiritual mentor for George as he seeks who he is in the midst of life around us. He tells George that those on great quests were often lost and yet still on the right track. From their search in being lost they found what they yearned and looked for: the Holy Grail, or Supreme Truth, or Eternal Life…whatever it may be.

The same is true for us. Being lost is in itself a place to begin and even a part of the quest of life; and that is where George is at. When we feel stuck in life or in spirituality, it is a time to ask questions; it is a time to begin a quest. Indeed – the root of quest and question are the same.

In this book, George isn’t Saint George of old. Rather “St” stands for Sent and so George is therefore George who is sent, or Sent George.  Like George, on this day after All Saints Sunday, we remember that we are sent. We remember that as lost as we may feel in the monotony or even the craziness of life, God has found us, and this is as good a place to begin questing and search for what it means to be alive, to be a child of God, or even to have eternal life.

And so, throughout the book, guided by a dragon who speaks in parables, George finds that he is sent, yes. He also finds that to be sent is to be a servant. And finally, as he is sent, and a servant, George discovers that this is how we live out being Saint. I think this is the same for us in Jesus.

In baptism, we are made as holy as God. We still have brokenness, and yet are holy or sanctified. Luther called it “Simultaneously sinner and saint.” We are saints because God loved us and has made us holy. As we were dipped into the waters and God’s word in Baptism, and as we dip our children like we will do this coming Sunday, we are made saints. We were also sent. Sent to be God’s people – To quest, to question, to search. to serve. We have been sent.

So maybe this week, just for kicks and giggles, publically and continually refer to yourself as Sent-whatever-your-name-is. Or even (your name) who is sent. Sign everything with ST in front of it, even your checks, for is Christ we are sent, we are servant, and we are saint.

Enjoy this week after All Saints Sunday!