I hate running on sand. Every time you take a step, it just shifts underneath you. Sometimes it can feel like the majority of your energy is just going to moving sand rather than propelling you forward. It’s a rough feeling because there’s no traction.

Right now, that can be our lives with COVID. We make plans, we watch them change, or fall apart. We can shove down hard to make ourselves go forward, and it can seem the energy we have has little impact. It can be draining; it’s like running on sand.

I also know that people purposefully run on sand – which to me is like, “why?”  (clearly, I’m not a hardcore runner like some of you 😉

…So I googled it… Why train on Sand?

We run on sand because it makes our muscles stronger and our breathing deeper. If you want to really do some metabolic conditioning, try running on sand.  It makes muscles stronger, is low impact, and is apparently some major cardio. Training on sand is rough, but it makes you stronger.

…Which makes me wonder if this time where it can feel like we are running on sand will make us stronger? For sure, it’s hard in the meantime, especially when it feels like we have no traction, but I wonder if it will shape us for the better.

Our church here has become more generous and more giving as a people during COVID (and we already were generous before!) We’ve given over 10 grand away to people hurting from this pandemic and the side-effects of a downturned economy –through our Helping Hands Fund! We are a church that helps people when they are down and out which is the type of church I want to be!

We reinvented worship so that our littles can safely worship from their cars at our 9AM WEE Worship! At 10AM, we host our outside Parking Lot Service and broadcast at 90.9FM, because church has never been a building – and always been a community called by Christ. Our church just happens to meet in a parking lot.

We are living as church, but more importantly this “running on sand” in COVID times has led us to wonder more deeply about who we are meant to be as GOD’s church. What does God want us to do as God’s people? How is God guiding us? These questions are shaping us and strengthening us as a church.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready for this pandemic to be over – and I definitely am over running on sand. However, I also am wondering if this has taken us to a deeper place as a church where we dwell on God more, lean on God more, wonder on the will of God more and therefore — have become stronger as church.