Tonight, pray for us. We have 21 middle school youth coming for a lockin — and it is a gift! Why? Because it helps form relationships that otherwise would not happen. It makes a way for us to be church for our youth who otherwise may never end up in church; and relationships are always the precursor to belief. In short, how do you get to know the love God has for us if you never have anyone that you trust tell you…? And so we get to tell the people around us why God is important for our lives —- even if that means staying up all night, jumping at a gym full of bounce houses, and playing four-square and video games till we pass out!

Which on a side note, is why I am already chugging coffee. Fingers crossed all goes well — and please thank Wendy M., Karen T., Jackie S., Paula B., Cori G. Jane R., and Brenda B. for being our sacrificial parents!! (And the later they are listed, the later they are staying up.) Thank you Jesus for these wonderful adults! This is what church gets to look like!!! Relationships and Jesus!