Reformation and Trunk-or-Treat, what a combination of a day!

In the morning we all tried to remember to wear red, and even if we forgot, we still got to embrace God’s grace for us.

This evening we all dressed up in the strangest of costumes, had our fortunes read, enjoyed tea with the queen, saw a little Minecraft, were surrounded by a plethora of Elsas from Frozen, and generally had a good time. Candy was given. Laughs were had. Pumpkins were decorated and hotdogs were consumed.

All in all, what a good Lutheran day, or any denomination for that matter!

So often, I think we can idealize and compartmentalize what it means to be Christian. Being Christian for instance can mean going to church, saying your prayers, reading Scripture, and all that jazz. Pretty much everything we did this morning in church. And a Christian life arguably does include these things. It also doing stuff we did this afternoon and evening: dressing as folks in mustaches, nurses, football players, and so many others. It’s in laughing with each other, handing out candy, catching up with neighbors, and the like.

Though it goes further, even things not even near our church building or on the church lawn. Holy cow, it can be anything – raising our kids, making breakfast, going to work, sleeping when we can, and studying for that one last class. In fact come to think of it, everything we do is a part of a life lived out in God. The grace we celebrate Sunday morning is the same grace we can celebrate Tuesday. And we can do it in saying prayers or making dinner or washing our cars or even in having a beer. It’s the grace that holds us every part of our day and every part of our lives even to and thru death.

So enjoy this day. Know you are a child of God’s, and live out that love in all that you do!