Last week, I got to go visit with Alvina again. And if you have never met Alvina, she is one of our many shut-ins and a joy to be with! – and we got to talking about puzzles. We talked about the sermon from the previous Sunday (which was about puzzles), about how awful it is to miss a piece (cause then there is this is big ole hole in your puzzle), and how even when she couldn’t make it to the church building, she and so many others, are still a part of God’s church…she is not forgotten, even when she can’t physically be with us.

And then she told me this story about a time when she was putting together a puzzle, and how she got to the end and she knew she was missing a few pieces even before she had got the whole thing together. (And while I [Pastor David] would have just walked away from the puzzle, she didn’t.) Alvina did something that God does. She went looking for her missing puzzle pieces. She checked the floor and under the furniture, and even started pulling out everything that was stored in the puzzle closet. AND SHE FOUND THEM….

…and she REJOICED!

And my telling of her story isn’t half as good, and I asked if I could share it with you, and to me this is how God is.

We get lost sometimes in life. We get stuck in closets and forgotten under couch cushions and life can get us in some rough little spots. But God, in this case represented by a soft-spoken great-grandma, looks for us, rummages thru the clutter until she finds us –and- she rejoices when she does!

And so may God find you in your forgotten places. May God remind you that you are important and vital to the whole picture, and that puzzle is not complete without you! And may this church (and I am talking to you, Northbranch—-  May you always be a church that seeks out the forgotten, discarded, and dropped of life, and remind them that in God’s eyes, every piece is important!