This past Wednesday, I was talking to our 7th and 8th graders about what it means to be Christian – and if it came with any obligations or things we should do as Christians. A few said things like, “yea, like go to church and stuff on Sunday.”
And the question I had for them is, “Is being a Christian limited to church attendance?” Like what would it look like to not gossip, to care for the stranger, to talk to the uncool kid, to stick up for the people you don’t like and to love your enemy? What if you loved and forgave people in the same way Jesus loves and forgives us – and is it risky to be a Christian if we start living that way?
Because some things about following Christ are different than what the world tells us to do, or be like, or act like, and can even be risky…. In other words, being a Christ follower is more than church attendance — though if you want to start there, have I got a church for you! But our faith gets to take us so much beyond a Sunday experience!!