Luther and Friendship

Read: I Samuel 18:1-4
Text – After David had finished talking with Saul, Jonathan became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself.   -I Samuel 18:1

What Jonathan was to David, Phillip Melanchthon, Luther’s co-worker, was to Luther. They taught together, they labored to find and give others the truth of God‘s Word.

The Augsburg Confession (summary of all Lutheran teaching) is Melanchthon’s work, but it bears the stamp of Luther’s faith. They often prayed together to Christ; it proved to be the tie that held them together.

To play, to hike, to read, to dream with one’s friends is fine, but not until friends worship together, spurn what is evil, and seek what is high and holy are they friends after the heart of God.

At one time Melanchthon was desperately sick. All signs indicated that death was near. Luther felt that he could not spare his friend nor the church its worker. So he knelt down at Melanchthon’s bedside and told the Lord that His disciple must live. God heard him; Luther’s prayer saved his friend.

Do you pray for your friends? If you do your soul is truly knit with theirs.

Prayer: I thank You, Father, for my friends and the gladness, brightness, and guidance they mean for me. Grant that I may never harm them but ever show them the way of life. Amen.


How has prayer helped you? How does your personal prayer time and communal prayer time in worship inform and feed you? Look for more stories of prayer in next week’s Monday Meditation.