Luther and Courage

Read: Acts 28:11-31

What a hero was the Apostle Paul! Though he knew that death awaited him in Rome, “he thanked God and took courage.” (Acts 8:25)

How would you like to be a hero? The world honors heroes today. Heroism demands courage; it requires that we stand up for our convictions. This is what Jesus expects of us. No one can be a Christian who has not the faith to stand fast.

What a hero was the great Reformer, Dr. Martin Luther. Recall his statement at the Diet of Worms, “Except I be convinced by the Word of God that what I have spoken and written is false I cannot recant.” Luther could never have shown this heroism except for his faith in God. Our heavenly Father can make heroes out of cowards.

The greatest Hero of all times is Jesus, our Savior, who endured the cross for us. If we keep our eyes upon Him, strive to imitate Him, and seek His empowerment, we, too, shall have the courage to bear our crosses with fortitude.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, increase my faith that I may truly trust You and have the courage to meet every temptation and trial of life victoriously.  Amen. 


How has prayer helped you? How does your personal prayer time and communal prayer time in worship inform and feed you? Look for more stories of prayer in next week’s Monday Meditation.