Ran across this article at Living Lutheran. Does this sound like us? – or can we relate?    https://www.livinglutheran.org/2017/04/church-rural-america/

“’There has been a lot of consolidation in other industries within many of our [rural] communities too. A lot of school districts have had to consolidate. Many of our services have been consolidated—rural hospitals have had to join a network and community banks have had to consolidate into a larger bank.’ These changes have resulted in some people, most notably the younger generations, leaving their rural homes to find work in more metropolitan areas. This has led to an aging and declining population in rural America, which is reflected in ELCA congregations.”

….Maybe we aren’t the only ones figuring out what God is up to in our changing landscape…That there are others who are trying to figure out ways to keep being church and are doing so faithfully….

Another clip from the article: “Congregations that are thriving are those that have decided to see these changes not as a catastrophe but as something God is up to,” he said. “There are still gifts that God has given that are to be used for the sake of ministry. Congregations are recognizing and celebrating that, even if they are almost all a little smaller than they were 30 years ago.”

…What do you think?…

-Pastor David