Rest is the first thing to go when we get busy – at least that’s true for me. And maybe that’s true for you. We live in a society that ascribes worth to being productive and busy and who often devalues taking time to chill, relax, and renew relationships. And yet God calls us to rest and relax, and chill out, and renew relationships both with each other and with God’s self. The seventh day was a day to hit the pause button on the “busyness” of life and to notice that the world keeps spinning on its axis even when we take it easy – and so on that seventh day we get to take it easy and embrace relationships and life and chill out.
So – here’s a thought, find a day and chill out. It doesn’t have to be Sunday but it should be a day you don’t have to work. And spend that day with family, and with hobbies, and with God in relationship and let go of the busyness for a day. Forget practices or errands or cleaning the house and paint a picture, write poetry, spin some pottery or build a snowman. Do what makes you you and reconnect with those around you and God
And when you do take that Sabbath, the world will keep on rotating – and good for it. You’ll get to be happier, healthier, and so much more ready to take on the busyness of the rest of the week because you did as the Lord hoped you would. You took a day of rest.
So rest good people of God. Find a day, unwind. And kick back with loved ones and the Lord 🙂