A year or so ago I can remember writing about gardening – how we can often start out with great intentions and dreams of massive amounts of zucchinis, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, and peppers.

And so we plant Everything!

We do the ground work, we get soil turned, and rows hoed, and fertilize.

We plant our little seeds and we cover them with soil, and we watch as the rain begins to make them grow; Thanks Be to God!

But with rain comes weeds. And we can lose track of time. And we can get busy. And before we know it, our little gardens are struggling.

And sometimes we can live faith lives like that.

We do everything that we can at the beginning of life to get us a great start. We have faith and we know God is there, and we are all set and ready to create good and amazing things with God. And then we can get pulled in one way and then another.

Money, Jobs, House, having a bigger better whatever. Even trying to be the best volunteer, best mom, best dad, best whatever can be exhausting. And we can begin to live our lives around those things as if life is some race for self-fulfillment, control and gratification.

And so maybe today, cancel your next appointment, and chill out and reflect on how you are enough because you are God’s. Let go of the weeds and some of the distractions that seem to be smothering you, and know you are enough and this faith thing is a journey in God’s garden.

(…and keep growing, God will produce beautiful and abundant things with us yet…)