Jonah – So now what?

When Jonah was drowning, God provided a great fish to save Jonah.

When he was at his most disobedient and broken after he was thrown into the water, God still saved his life. God does the same for us.

Awesome, right?

God gave Jonah the gift of a fish’s belly to figure it all out. He was trapped and forced to dwell on his own situation. So in the belly of the fish he sat praying to God. He had the time and the space, both gifts from God, to get himself right with the LORD.

There, Jonah realizes that God has saved him. He realizes that God cares for him even when he runs. God values Jonah even amidst his brokenness just as God values us even as we are broken.

And we are broken. Even as a pastor I realize I am not perfect. I also realize that I am called to live into the newness of life that God has given all of us. We all mess up, and God calls us out on it. The question that we face, and that Jonah faced, is ‘what are you going to do about it now?’ You have been given another chance. You are held in the grace of God and have been counted loved by God. What now?

And so we, like Jonah, are coughed up onto the real world. And that could look like the seashore covered in fish spit, or the church parking lot right after worship. We are given a second chance.

So now what? What are you going to be as God has saved you – not with a fish – but with his very life?