There used to be bumper stickers that said “Jesus is coming, Look busy” – and if you can find one for me, fantastic, send me the link. And to me, that’s Advent! This is the season of the year that we as the church are reminded that Jesus is coming – and we get to prepare for him to come into our little worlds!

Now – Jesus comes every year in Christmas as a little 8lb 6oz baby in a manger, and that’s the story that most of us know when we think of Advent and Jesus coming. We think of wise men and shepherds and angels singing, and of Mary and Joseph and the God-child who is Jesus.

But – this is the time of the year were we also get to remember how  Jesus promised to come again at the end of days to judge the living and the dead and to bring about his glory – and that’s basically when the party starts. And we get to prepare for that too. We know that Jesus is coming and we get to make space in our lives and prepare for his arrival.

More so – We also know that Jesus is present in our lives day in and day out already – and that God is a part of how we get to live and rest and treat others and that we are never alone because Christ is always with us.


So…God comes as an infant child.

And…God will come again in Glory.

And…God is with us now guiding us.


And we get to live for him and make room for him. Because Jesus is coming – and we get to do more than look busy 😉