I bet Christmas has you running. In addition to the usual errands that you do, there is now pressure to plan holiday gatherings, do Christmas cards, and purchase gifts for anyone that you’d rather not leave out this year. Plus, everyone else is out on the road right now doing the same thing which, means traffic is terrible, God forbid, if you do have to run to Lincoln or Omaha. I mean, how do you even have time for the internet right now 😉

And so here are some things that may help you thru the season:

1-Christmas (and Advent) is about rest and hope. If you were to let it all go, Jesus would still love you.

2- Christmas is twelve days long – which means if you need an extra 11 days to get your shopping done, you’ve got it, and that gift’s still on time!

3- In the midst of the chaos, pray. Seriously. Even for patience or to not run others off the road, and ask God if it this is important compared to his birth, life, death, and resurrection to take away your sins 😉


Good luck, and God bless. And if you need a place of rest in this hectic season, we’ve got a church that reminds us of God’s love and grace even as everything else spins wildly on. Take it easy out there, Northbranch!