Read John 13 through at least verse ten and you will see that Jesus washes the disciples’ feet, including Judas. My wonderment is why? Why wouldn’t Jesus pass over the feet of Judas, or does God clean all feet – no matter how unclean they are?

It also seems to me that the death of Jesus surrounds this event of washing. Jesus knows that he is going to die and therefore does this thing for the disciples. It is a way of being a servant in washing feet – it is also a way of being servant in being willing to go to death for all people. This is God’s way. 

And so my question for you this holy week meditation is, “Is Judas beyond God’s life-giving grace filled power?” When Christ washes Judas’ feet, does this mean that Judas can also be made clean in the same way Peter is redeemed even after his denial? Or another way to put it and to personalize it, can we ever be beyond God’s life restoring power? Is there any sin or brokenness or fault of character or jealousy that can keep God from being able to save us?

And for me, I am a believer in the grace of God. No matter the sin, no matter the sinner, God’s grace busts thru. There is no one beyond redemption. And this is God’s doing on the cross. We can accept it and believe in it; we can live into it, and it is unbeatable! You may even struggle with this amount of love that God has. Maybe because you feel God could never forgive you and count you as his – and God does -OR- maybe you feel this amount of grace should be limited, that perhaps God’s forgiveness can only cover certain sins. But it doesn’t. It covers them all! And praise be to God for doing that from the cross!