God knows there is loss in the world – and sin and brokenness – or whatever you want to call it. And some of us see more than others, and most of us, more than we deserve. In so many ways this world is still broken and still waiting to be redeemed — and sometimes it helps to remember that God’s Kingdom is coming but that it is not yet. For me and Alma, last night we drove thru the night to come to Iowa because her grandmother is near death – and sometimes (even when the nurses say she probably can’t hear you), it’s worth driving thru the night to say your final goodbyes and final I love yous. And to me, there are a million things on my mind as your pastor – but none more than God is redeeming all of this, pulling out the broken and the sin and whatever else you want to call it — and that because of what God has done there will come a week when there is no more pain or death — and there will be no more tears and we won’t have to bury anyone else including the grandmothers that raised us. May God carry you through this holy week – from the final supper together, to the cross of death, to the Lord in all his glory!

Come walk with us this week at First Lutheran of Avoca:
7pm Thursday – (we remember) The Final Supper
7pm Friday – (we remember) Death on a Cross
6:30, 8:15, 10:30am Sunday – There is Resurrection!