This past week, Jesus is holding a snotty toddler in his arms as he teaches the disciples and those gathered round. The disciples aren’t in agreement; they believe children should be kept away from Jesus…and yet Jesus uses this child as an example of what our faith as adults gets to look like. More so (and this is the heavy part), he says that anyone that hinders these children, it would be better for a millstone (all three thousand plus pounds of it) to be hung around there neck and thrown into the sea.

Now our church has a lot of kids, and they are noisy and laughy and sometimes cry. They fight with their siblings and they play with trucks and cars in the baptismal font — and they are the biggest joy to our hearts. And if you are wondering what faith looks like, look to them. They have a wonderment that dwarfs our own, and a certainty in God that pales the most reverent of Pastors. They are the biggest gift to us as a church and we get to care for them and teach them all of God’s wonders. Thanks be to God for  how they are examples to the church (and even this pastor) of what faith looks like!