When I think of the magi, I can’t quite wrap my mind around them. To me, it seems stupid to leave your land and your things – all to follow a star. I mean… maybe it is me, but stars are stars and while I have wished on a few falling ones, I have never thought to myself, “let me go pack a bag.”

And yet, that’s exactly what these three magi did. They packed what they could and set out on a journey. They saw the signs of the cosmos heralding Christ’s coming and went with it. Literally.

And I wonder – what could move three folks to get so excited about a star? That was, of course, until I ran across this video….

You can watch it if you want. Or better yet, just listen to it as you imagine the three magi looking at the star that heralds God’s coming into the world. Personally, my favorite is, “….WHAT does it MEAN?…”

And I think this guy would in all seriousness pack a bag to figure out what the rainbow holds. For him, there is unlimited possibility of meaning that brings him to laughter, and then to awe, and then to tears – all because of this double rainbow. Clearly, he is overwhelmed and moved by what he sees…

Is this the same for our three magi?

They would have been star-searchers looking for a comic sign. And much like this guy, who clearly loves nature, they would have been looking for something bigger than themselves. And when they ran across it, it would have been their whole life’s search unveiled. It would have been bigger than their possessions, and their homes, and their things. It would be their life goal to find God among the heavens.

And so they risk everything to find where the star leads…

Which brings me to my point – We are all on a journey in life. We get to seek things that are important to us and risk our faith to follow them through. Some people may feel your journey to seek Christ is idiotic, that you are just following a lost star. Keep walking anyway.

In fact, my prayer for you is this —- Have faith. Keep seeking. God will lead you, and may the Almighty give you the strength and passion of a guy staring at a double rainbow, and three dudes willing to drop everything and follow a star. Amen