• 3 Year Old Through 4th Grade
  • 3rd Grade Bible Adventure
  • 5th & 6th Grade

Rotational Sunday School class allows students to experience God’s word in a variety of settings. Using the SPARK curriculum as a guide, students delve into the Word through Art [Creation Station], Bible Skills and Games, Computer Lab [www.God.com], Cooking [God Rock Cafe], Creative Drama [Godway], Music, Science and Video [Holywood].  A leadership team of volunteers collaborate to develop a logical series of study topics and work to involve parents, parishioners and older students to mentor a positive atmosphere for our youngest members.

This group of children also enjoy a week of Vacation Bible School (VBS) each summer.

Third graders go on a “Bible Adventure” which introduces them to the books of the Bible. Their adventure culminates with a presentation of a Bible at a Sunday morning service.

This is a five-week course that meets on Wednesday nights in the fall. See the church office  for details at 275-3300!

Sunday School:  Our Middle Schoolers are leading a project called Project “YOU”.  Our young leaders want to learn more about our members and their Heritage, so they conduct interviews with our members. We share the finding with our congregation throughout the year. It’s a way to connect the new generation with the roots of our foundation. The members of our church, especially the ones that have been here the longest, are an inspiration to our next generation. Our goal is to get to know other members of our Church that we may not normally interact with and to be inspired by them.

Catechism:  Fifth graders spend the fall learning about Holy Baptism, ending with a Sunday morning baptismal blessing service. In the winter term, this class switches gears and learns about Holy Communion. The class is recognized and celebrates its first communion at the end of their studies.

Sixth graders go deeper into scripture and the Lutheran Catechism through study of the Ten Commandments (fall term) and the life of Martin Luther (winter term).

This is a five-week course that meets on Wednesday nights in the fall and then again after the first of the year in January. All are welcome to food and fellowship with our C.H.O.W. opportunities before the class meets.