Do any of you ever double guess yourselves…? Like in major life decisions to the little things? I feel like it’s an easy to do when you’re lying in bed at night, or trying to figure out how in the world you got to the place that you are in life.  And so we can start to wonder how in the world things could have turned out different if only we had done such-n-such or so-n-so. Sound familiar to you? Sometimes big decisions can lead to big doubt.

In the beginning of Acts, the eleven remaining disciples are tasked with a big decision. Who do we pick to make our number back up to twelve? After the whole betraying Jesus thing, Judas was out, and they needed someone to replace him and I appreciate the way that they go about it this choice. First, they gather together and join in prayer. This may be abnormal for us today. Praying is something we do in church and perhaps not before we make choices. And yet they pray that God might have a hand in it.

Next, the disciples do their hardest trying to find the best options for disciple #12. They look over everyone who has been with them from the time of John the Baptist thru the resurrection and who had seen it all. They chose from those the ones they feel would do well as the twelfth. They pray together again and then they flip a coin. Scripture says they cast lots – which is like rolling dice or pick a number or flipping a coin.

In life, we make the best decisions that we can make. We can bring our concerns before God in prayer and what are hopes and dreams are. We then chose the best options that we can see and, saying a brief appeal to God, we fling the dice. For the disciples, they immediately went with that choice. Matthias was in. There was no best two-out-of-three, no mulligan or do-overs. That was the choice and they went with it. For us, we get to do the same. We trust that God has a hand in it and in our lives and get to go with it. We get to lift it to God, do our best in considering all the options, and then give it a toss trusting God to lead us.

Enjoy your week!