Christmas is around the corner – and you’re going to make it.

One way or another, you’ll make it. Because Christmas isn’t about the amount of gifts you can give, or the amount of food you can prep, the number of lights in the trees, or the number of people who are coming/not coming to town.

It’s not about what any of us can do. In fact, we could all collapse into our lounge chairs, breathe, and do nothing more than sit as we welcome Christmas – and Christmas would still come. God would still claim you and me as his child. God would still be born as your brother, and God would still gift you grace for every mess-up. That’s all God’s doing!

…Now you might have children who wanted that last minute gift… And you may have a family that really wanted that turkey dinner… And there might be one more party to plan, but it will all be fine. You don’t have to do it all.

Because whether you go full steam ahead until you collapse, or sit Christmas day all day in your PJ’s, God is still born – and you are still God’s. Christmas is about what God is doing and what God has done – and because of that, you’ll make it!

See you Thursday at 7 or 10pm!