There are backpacks and then there are boulders.

Backpacks are the burdens we carry through life. We hold down jobs, we pay our bills, we try to make good decisions that provide for our families. These are backpacks. Sometimes, we have a lot of responsibilities in our backpacks, but we find ways to carry them.

Boulders are the things that come out of nowhere, when life shoves too much at us, when we find ourselves struggling because a huge ton of brick has been dropped on us. COVID19, that’s a boulder. Loss of job/income; boulder. Storm takes your house; boulder. And so many more. This is the stuff too heavy for one person to carry on their own.

As Christians, it is our belief that we should carry our own backpacks. We have responsibilities and we shoulder them. It is also our belief that we have to help others when boulders come along. We are called to live the love of God given in Jesus by caring for people, especially and absolutely when boulders come along.

Right now, people in our communities are dealing with boulders. For some it looks like loss of employment and income; for some, hospitalized family; for others, COVID is the final thing that has tipped them over the brink — AND we, as a church are stepping up to respond.

We have raised a little over 23 thousand to help people in our communities who are struggling with boulders. If you, or someone that you know, is not sure where they are going to get their next set of groceries or how to get by after a job loss or how to carry on, point them our way. We want to help with prayers, but also with financial help. Why? Because Jesus call us to be a people who cares for our neighbor, and is a living witness to the love of God! – and at this church, this is one of the ways we do it!

Feel free to share this on your own page, because you never know who in your life is stuck under a boulder and could use a caring hand. Let’s be the love of Christ for them, and for the world.

-First Lutheran, Avoca. Growing in Faith; Reaching out in Love!