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Running on Sand

by Pastor David Buco

I hate running on sand. Every time you take a step, it just shifts underneath you. Sometimes it can feel like the majority of your energy is just going to moving sand rather than propelling you forward. It’s a rough feeling because there’s no traction. Right now, that can be our lives with COVID. We make […]

Backpacks and Boulders

by Pastor David Buco

There are backpacks and then there are boulders. Backpacks are the burdens we carry through life. We hold down jobs, we pay our bills, we try to make good decisions that provide for our families. These are backpacks. Sometimes, we have a lot of responsibilities in our backpacks, but we find ways to carry them. […]

North Branch COVID Response

by Pastor David Buco

Dear Church, We are living in trying times. The way we respond, or fail to respond, as the Body of Christ will be a testimony of who we are as the Church and of the love of Jesus. Currently, we are at the beginning of a pandemic. More so, as I write this letter, I […]