I love my freedom. It’s what makes who we are great as Americans. We have laws balanced in liberty so that we can make decisions about what we buy, where we worship, and even where we live. Pretty cool, I think.
And so every July 4th, we get to remember our nation’s history, and how people like Crispus Attucks died for our that freedom. (And we google him if we don’t know who he is) And we are thankful for his life, Again, pretty cool.
But while others associate freedom with Americans like John Hancock and Thomas Jefferson, freedom for me has to do with a certain guy named Jesus. (Bet you didn’t see that coming…or did you?) Why, you might ask?
Because before Jesus, the path to God depended on how perfect you were. If you weren’t a hundred percent perfect at living out the law, the law tied you down and held you from God. It was only in perfection that we could be with God, and yet none of us could break free. We were bound in our own brokenness and condemned by the law to death. Pretty much the opposite of freedom.
And then there was Jesus, God himself. who made it so God was with us despite our imperfections. Jesus cut us free, so that we could live our lives in grace, freed from having to earn God’s love. Instead it became about God, and God’s grace, and trusting in that grace. We were freed.
And as much as I love our freedom as Americans, and I really do, the greater freedom that I celebrate this July 4th week has to do with God and what God has done for us in Christ! Let us live together in that freedom!