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Memorial Day

by Church Admin

Memorial Day is the day we remember all those who have died in active duty for our nation. In this way it is different than Veterans’ Day which is for all who have served. And in the last year, 34 people have died for our nation in active duty according to Honor the Fallen. They […]

Keep Growing (…cause you are God’s and God’s got you…)

by Church Admin

A year or so ago I can remember writing about gardening – how we can often start out with great intentions and dreams of massive amounts of zucchinis, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, and peppers. And so we plant Everything! We do the ground work, we get soil turned, and rows hoed, and fertilize. We plant our […]

The rain falls on all….

by Church Admin

We need the rain. It is God’s way of caring for life. And while it sometimes comes with heavy winds and harsh downpours, like this evening, it’s the rain that causes all things to grow, even you and me. And to me, the funniest thing that happens when it rains is God causes the rain […]