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The Rich Man and Lazarus…

by Church Admin

– Luke 16:19-31 I have plenty of food at night – and come to think of it, nice clothes too. There may be more things that I want in life but I have everything that I need, plus a lot more stuff on the side. And when I look at the rich man and Lazarus, […]

God’s not a Genie, or an ATM, or me! TBTG

by Church Admin

Sometimes I think we like to treat God like a Genie. Rub the lamp this way and then that way, then God has to do what we ask. It’s a tempting thing to do and I’ve been there so I would know. We want what we want; God should provide. Right?   And some denominations […]

Hate your family…. Really, Jesus?

by Church Admin

What better way to end an email, or a postcard than with a little snippet of one of Jesus’ sayings…Am I right? They end up on billboards and greeting cards and office calendars and, well, everywhere. …and yet, for some reason, I doubt this past weeks’ reading ever will make it as a greeting card […]