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…am I just talking to myself?

by Church Admin

Most of us don’t pray. Or at least not aloud on a daily basis. It’s hard. It may seem funny. Does God really hear me, -or- am I just talking to myself? And yet, try talking to yourself! Start with the word God, and pour out your hopes, sorrows, dreams, and thanks. Pour out whatever you […]

Living the Love of Church All Week Long!

by Church Admin

Following God is an everyday sort of thing – and while so often the church has shown up on Sundays, we also get to be the church every other day of the week! What we do, how we treat folks, how we speak and what we say all are a part of the kingdom of […]

The worlds we live in!: Pokemon GO!

by Church Admin

The weirdest thing is happening at First Lutheran, Avoca these days—and I am not talking about vacation Bible school! (Which is going great!)   The strange thing is that every so often a car drives through our parking lot, stops in front of the church and then in front of the cemetery… They are trying […]

4th of July Freedom!

by Church Admin

I love my freedom. It’s what makes who we are great as Americans. We have laws balanced in liberty so that we can make decisions about what we buy, where we worship, and even where we live. Pretty cool, I think.   And so every July 4th, we get to remember our nation’s history, and […]