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Church matters…

by Church Admin

Church matters. And by that I don’t mean the building, or the worship, or even the words that the preacher says. What I mean by that is the people. The people matter. And when we struggle or go thru loss or fight a sickness or face any number of uncertainties, it is good to have […]

Work as a gift from God…

by Church Admin

This past Monday was Labor Day – and most of us were able to celebrate with friends and family, having a BBQ, or by picking up tree limbs strew throughout our yards. And it is days like Labor Day that we can be reminded of the value of work. And while some of us love […]

Ten Years Ago Today

by Church Admin

Ten years ago today, I was running my tail off in a Red Cross shelter in Baton Rouge Louisiana. It had all hit the fan, the levees hadn’t held, and the city of New Orleans was taking on water. The entirety of disaster relief was shifting gears as they relocated their centers of operation out […]