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Making it on our own

by Church Admin

There’s a thought that I had last week for our Gospel reading – It comes when Jesus has just finished feeding the people. He took 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread and he fed five thousand people. Pretty impressive, right? Jesus, immediately after, goes up the mountain to pray and to avoid being made “king” […]

The Love of God the Parent, and the Love of God the Son

by Church Admin

With the county fairs right around the corner, I imagine that our youth are spending more and more time with their animals. Whether it’s raising cows, or grooming their horses, or taming their goats and sheep, they are getting them ready so that they can all be presented well at the fair. And maybe I […]

What else can you do?

by Church Admin

Saying and doing the right thing isn’t always cool or popular. This is probably a lesson that most of learned in Kindergarten and yet one that continues to be relevant all of our lives. For Amos, one of our Old Testament prophets, that meant being a prophet of God’s words. It meant sharing what God […]

Do any of you ever double guess yourselves…?

by Church Admin

Do any of you ever double guess yourselves…? Like in major life decisions to the little things? I feel like it’s an easy to do when you’re lying in bed at night, or trying to figure out how in the world you got to the place that you are in life.  And so we can […]