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To Keep On Working The Garden…

by Church Admin

I like to garden. It’s a fun way for me to pass the time and to appreciate the food that I eat. Plus there is nothing better than carrots straight out of the garden rinsed in the garden hose. It’s delicious. However, gardening is also a discipline for me. Every year I get excited about […]

God’s Green Earth

by Church Admin

There’s a coffee shop that I visit in Lincoln to write sermons. I go there because pretty much no one knows me there and so when I need to get things done, I can go there. Plus, the internet can be a wormhole of lost time – and so when I go there I leave […]

Living God’s Mission On!

by Church Admin

Jesus, God incarnate, was executed. It was a crime meant to silence God from caring for the poor, healing the sick, restoring life to the dead, and speaking against the social barriers that were trapping people. The religious and political leaders did not like that God cared so much for the marginalized of society. They […]

How far does God’s Grace go?

by Church Admin

Read John 13 through at least verse ten and you will see that Jesus washes the disciples’ feet, including Judas. My wonderment is why? Why wouldn’t Jesus pass over the feet of Judas, or does God clean all feet – no matter how unclean they are? It also seems to me that the death of Jesus […]