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We’re not a bunch of two x fours. We’re the church! :)

by Church Admin

Speaking of the church as a building is like referring to people as 2”x4” because while a church can be made of wood, steel, and concrete, the church is made of people. It is a living breathing thing made of flesh and blood and faith. Together, people like you and I, and you and I, […]

A Gift of Another Year

by Church Admin

God has seen fit to give us another year to serve out his ministry. We are a people of his grace, and his gifts, and we are still here seeking where and to what God is leading us. Every year is a gift. Like the people of the desert journey as Moses led the Israelites, […]

The Grace of God in the Midst of Pain

by Church Admin

It is in days like today that we trust in the grace of God – not for eternal salvation – but that the hurting in our heart may ease with time. Paul, in his letter to the Thessalonians, urges them to grieve but not as those who have no hope. For them, they are broken […]