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Three days till Christmas.

by Church Admin

Three days till Christmas. Count them: Today, tomorrow and Christmas Eve. Ten to 1 odds says you still have stuff to do. I know I still have stuff to do, and I don’t even have family coming into town. But if you find yourself stuck in a jam, and you know that there is no […]

This Sunday the church gathered.

by Church Admin

Sunday our church gathered. And while we had worship at 1434 N 30th road, that’s not what I’m talking about. Because while we worship in a building and God’s table, font, and pulpit are all a part of that building, the church is something different, something more. It is a people. Often on a Sunday, […]

Advent Street Art

by Church Admin

As I was wasting my Sabbath day mid-morning yesterday (Monday) , I stumbled across this photo: It’s by a street artist named “Banksy” who does a lot work that he sees as social commentary. As far as I know, he is not overly religious; however the photo caught my eye because it throws into contrast […]

From one Christmas person to another

by Church Admin

Nativity’s are popping up everywhere, and it seems the baby has already been born.  I mean, there he is, a beautiful Christmas preemie lying in the manger – Quite literally, a blessing from God. Not only have Joseph and Mary gone from room to room seeking a place to crash and managed to find someone’s […]