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A Debt That was Cancelled

by Church Admin

A Debt That Was Cancelled Read: Ephesians 2:4-9 “When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your sinful nature, God made you alive, with Christ. He forgave us all our sins, having canceled the written code, with its regulations, that was against us and that stood opposed to us; He took […]

Is Ours a Blood Religion?

by Church Admin

Is Ours a Blood Religion? Read: Ephesians 1:3-7 In whom we have redemption through His blood (namely) the forgiveness of sins. Ephesians 1:7 Some people dismiss the Christian religion as being a “blood religion”, as something gruesome or morbid. Properly understood, we can thank God that it is. Throughout the Old Testament the shedding of […]

John Chapter Three Verse 16

by Church Admin

John Chapter Three, Verse 16 Read: John 3:14-17 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.   St. John 3:16 There is an old legend that every time a sinner is converted, the angels of heaven enter his or […]

Attuning Our Hearts to Lent

by Church Admin

Attuning Our Hearts to Lent Read: St. Matthew 26:36-46 Jesus said, “Therefore consider carefully how you listen.” St. Luke 8:18 The man had just stepped into a crowded drugstore into a telephone booth. He had been told that an urgent message awaited him at home. But try as hard as he could, he could not […]