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Martin Luther and Our Generation – Luther and Prayer

by firstlutheran

Luther and Prayer Read: Psalm 4 Text – What am I to do? I will pay with the spirit and I will pay with the mind also… I Cor. 14:15 True prayer is conversation with God. The desire to pray is the best evidence of a reborn soul. When there was a question as to […]

Martin Luther and Our Generation – Luther and Courage

by firstlutheran

Luther and Courage Read: Acts 28:11-31 What a hero was the Apostle Paul! Though he knew that death awaited him in Rome, “he thanked God and took courage.” (Acts 8:25) How would you like to be a hero? The world honors heroes today. Heroism demands courage; it requires that we stand up for our convictions. […]

Martin Luther and Our Generation – Luther & Truth

by firstlutheran

Luther and Truth Read: St. John 8:12-32 Text: “…and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.” Martin Luther was undoubtedly the greatest man in his generation. He is known as the Great Reformer of the sixteenth century. What made him great was his ability to distinguish truth from error; this […]

Martin Luther and Our Generation – Luther & Thinking

by firstlutheran

Luther and Thinking On October 31 we celebrate the Reformation of the church begun by Martin Luther in 1517. On November 10 we remember Martin Luther’s birthday (1483). Sometimes Lutherans are accused of worshiping Martin Luther. We don’t worship him or follow him as a person, but we do follow his teachings which are clear […]

“The King of Love My Shepherd Is”

by firstlutheran

The 23rd Psalm has been sung in hundreds of different forms since King David wrote the words some three thousand years ago. It isn’t only because the psalm is so beautiful and expresses the Lord’s handling of His sheep so well, but also because Christians have found so much to appreciate in Jesus as the […]