God knows most of us struggle with money…

For some of us, it’s the amount of debit we carry, or credit loans, or mortgages… For some of us it’s the struggle around which products do we buy or not buy… Or even little things like, do I eat out one more time or should I go home and make dinner. Do I give money away, and like how much?

Because the thing is, figuring out money isn’t easy. It is one of the most important things that we deal with in life and it is talked about the least. Can you say taboo? Most of us can ask a good friend what they think of a haircut or hypothetical bank robbery, but nearly none of us would ask about how another spends their finances.

–And yet Jesus talks about money more than any other thing in the gospels with the exception perhaps being the kingdom of God. And it is because so much of how we spend our money impacts the way that we live our faith day in and day out! How we spend our money shows the things we care about, what our priorities are, and how we live our lives! It’s important!

Now – the ELCA as a whole recommends living off of 80% of your income, saving 10 percent and giving away 10%… If that helps you figure out your finances, great!

But what about daily spending, trying to get out of debt, pulling together a budget, and all that other stuff that we struggle with day in and day out. First Lutheran Avoca is offering Financial Peace University, which is just that – a way to start achieving financial peace! It’s a 9 week course in biblical and practical steps to understanding our spending and how it’s connected to our faith.

IF you want more info — http://www.daveramsey.com/fpu/home/?snid=classes.fpu-b

And so – if you’re interested, whether you go here or not, you’re welcome to be a part of this course. It’s our service to our communities as we try to figure out our finances and what God is doing in our lives together! Shoot the church office an email and we’ll find a date together!