There is a temptation in our world that if you pray the right words, bow down in the right way, and have absolute faith, then all money, power, and glory will belong to you. And yet our faith is not armor against the world. It is not invincibility and Jesus isn’t an ATM. In fact, following in the footstep of Christ, you may find yourself more exposed and vulnerable and poorer. If you love your enemies, they will take advantage of you. If you care for the sick, you may very well get sick. If you cloth those without clothing, you’ll have less to cloth yourself. If you open your home to the homeless, you both might find yourselves being foreclosed on, and if you love your neighbor as yourself, you might even lose that life. This is the way of our Lord, and the way we get to live, risk, and love. And we may get sick, and we may fight addiction, and we may even die of cancer. That doesn’t mean we are faithless. It means we lived, and struggled, and fought for faith till the end. Its the way God came into the world, and the way we get to follow the crucified one.