My mint plants look pathetic. Mint, the thing that you aren’t supposed to be able to kill. Mint, the stuff you should always and only ever plant inside a pot. Mint, that junk that can and often does escape the pot with more runners than the Husker’s track and field department. That mint! – and mine looks pathetic.

I water it, but not too often. The soil is clay, but good. The sun is so-so this time of year, but both my plants have large windows facing south. But instead of being strong and healthy, mine are falling over. The new sprouts have no strength to them – and so when I water them, they collapse.

And my wonderment is, do plants need a breeze to help them go strong?

Someone who is good at horticulture, seriously, help me out…

Because if plants need the wind to grow sturdy – then I fully believe we too need the wind to grow sturdy. We each need the Spirit of God to blow beneath our leaves and stalks, because it is only by the breeze of the Spirit that we grow sturdy for what life sends our way. It is the light breeze on a plant that helps it grow to have the depth of faith and strength of stalk to stand up when harder things come.


And when we are gifted sunlight, and soil, and water, and all are devoid of the Spirit, then we grow without strength and durability and, I imagine, collapse. We look like these mint plants that just can’t stand up. I recall the seeds in Matthew 13 that are scattered and that grow without much soil, and when the sun came up, they were scorched for lack of root.

Because, at the end of the day, we need God to grow with strength so that when things go awry, we have the resilience and fortitude to not just lie down and whither. And so may God breathe on you, and God’s Spirit blow through you! May the Almighty give you good soil, so that you may grow in the Lord to be durable and strong for the life that is ahead of you!